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    UNA MOSTRA “STORICA” ALLA GALLERIA W. APOLLONI DI ROMA IN VIA MARGUTTA 53B A cura di Marco Fabio Apolloni Galleria W. Apolloni Mostra prorogata al 15 Gennaio 2021 Virtual Tour Visite solo su prenotazione telefonando al numero 06 68308994 o tramite tramite virtual tour     Seguendo gli stessi criteri che portarono ad allestire nel 2007 la mostra “Garibaldi a Roma!”, collezione di dipinti, disegni e stampe riguardanti la Repubblica Romana del 1848-49 – il cui nucleo maggiore è esposto ora in comodato provvisorio al Museo di Roma di Palazzo Braschi – la Galleria W.Apolloni prosegue la propria opera di scoperta e valorizzazione della storia nazionale per ciò

  The Commedia dell’Arte Masks and Carnival in Italian 20th Century Art When she is not wearing a facemask covering her mouth to indicate that she is mute, the personification of painting, as portrayed by ancient painters, is a woman displaying in most cases a full face mask hanging from her neck. It is a symbol of the imitation of nature: art imitates reality, like an actor disguised to play a part. We want to remind this connection between the mask and painting for this exhibition by Laocoon Gallery celebrating, with the title of “The Commedia dell’Arte”, Italian masks in XXth Century art. At

Online Exhibition   For the Summer of 2020 Galleria del Laocoonte and W. Apolloni of Rome have prepared a monumental exhibition centred around the inspiration that Italian Twentieth Century art drew from the ancient Graeco-Roman figurative civilisation. Among the many works presented, the wide painted panel by master of fresco Achille Funi (1890-1972), representing Parnassus, towers over every other. Pompeian in inspiration, it used to decorate the classroom in Brera where the painter himself taught fresco technique until his death. Another exceptional piece, for both size and force of expression, is the coloured cartoon by Alberto Ziveri (1908-1990) depicting the goddess Minerva with the attributes of Rome, employed to make


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